Over the past two and a half decades I have mastered several craft techniques from dress design to feltmaking, from basketry to weaving just to mention a few.

  • For my online workshops participants receive a kit in the post that contains all the materials needed for a particular project. The workshops are run via Zoom to allow interaction between the participants and myself.
  • In my studio I hold one and two full day long workshops where a bigger, more complex project can be completed in small groups to support individual attention.
  • I also offer a wide variety of workshops for public and private organisations` outreach programmes and for adults and children who have a particular interest in techniques such as feltmaking, basketry, weaving, jewellery making just to mention a few.
  • My workshops in primary and secondary schools focus on the processes used in creating an object or artwork. I am leading the students through the journey from the initial idea, research, learning of new skills, experimentation, planning, making, collaborating and reflecting on the results.
  • My Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for primary school teachers explore the potential in integrating Visual Arts as a subject and methodology to other subject areas. We look at the 6 strands (Drawing, Paint and Colour, Printing, Clay, Fabric and Fibre, Construction) of the Visual Arts Curriculum and its applications with a more holistic approach.

To book a workshop with me in person or virtually please visit the Workshops section of my Shop.

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